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vegan tofu scramble

How vegan life is improving my mental health

Heads up: this is absolutely not a “going vegan will cure your mental illness” blog post, it won’t. This is merely an explanation of how going vegan is supporting my personal recovery. Why vegan? Five years ago I wrote a blog post called On Vegetarianism, that was when my cognitive dissonance around food revved up a gear. In that post...

mental health word cloud, including words like trauma, grief, stigma, genetic, clinical, bipolar

Mental Illness: pride & anti-recovery

This is a response to Sarah Hawkinson‘s video (embedded below) about whether we should be proud of our mental illness, and the ‘anti-recovery’ community. She was responding to a video I haven’t yet watched, but intend to. I want to preface this by saying that I understand what Sarah is trying to say, and she does try to clarify certain...

self care jar

My self care jar: #SelfLoveSeptember

Every year one of my favourite people, Kelly-Ann Maddox, encourages us to take part in #SelfLoveSeptember. She focuses in on self love, self care, and shares even more awesome self-love inspired content than she usually does. Kelly-Ann has been a big part of my recovery process; hearing her story, listening to her suggestions and giving them a go has helped me...

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