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Selfie of Mrs TeePot with pink hair and wearing a black shirt

SelfieMrs TeePot is, contrary to what her name suggests, a coffee drinking, social network loving, blogger. She is battling various mental health issues, namely depression, anxiety & borderline personality disorder, and now writes to bring attention to the reality of mental illness and try to help others through similar problems.

She is an involuntary British expat, currently living in France and often travelling to Spain for those chilly winter months.

A lifestyle blogger, Mrs TeePot covers topic as wide ranging as mental health, dating, current affairs, diet and expat life.

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  1. Jumbly

    I like you

  2. Tim

    Quirky, unusual, sexy and keenly followed on Twitter. What happened to the tragedy with your married french lover?

    And….u dont follow me 🙁


    1. Mrs TeePot

      Lol aww thanks!

      Oh there was nothing going on, I was just drooling from a distance!

  3. MarkAtBestDad

    I’ve always believed that writers can only really connect with an audience by being honest & open. Well, you go a lot further than most and I think that’s hugely admirable. In fact, it more than makes up for the fact that you live in France & Spain – which makes me jealous to a wholly irrational degree…

    1. Mrs TeePot

      Thank you so much. I do ‘put it all out there’ so to speak, and while it’s risky I do think it’s worth it. I wouldn’t find the therapy I do in writing if I had to censor myself.

  4. Susan

    We have much in common, mental health-wise. I’m on the borderline, too.

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