Book reviews by Mrs TeePot: Sempre Redemtion

Redemption – J M Darhower

I still had such bad book hangover weeks after finishing Sempre that I bought the sequel and I’m so glad I did! All my favourite characters continued their complicated, tense and heartwarming journeys, taking me on a roller-coaster of emotions along with them.

Haven’s growth was so hopeful and inspiring. I love that even in the epilogue her roots are honoured and are still impacting her. I have a space in my heart for Haven; she’s so strong and determined and never lets the world jade her.

The “meant to be” plot might be a bit much for some but I thought it was really well done and not overplayed.

I just loved being back with the characters again; I find them really well written and lovable. Darhower kept me guessing right up until the end about what was going to happen with Carmine and Haven’s future and I cried when I finally found out.

Once again I had the problem of having to ask American friends what the different guns were; at one point in particular it seemed important to be familiar with the type of gun to understand what was going on.

Honestly I loved both these books so much and the message from the author at the end about being proud of your passions was just an extra touch of awesome.

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I’m giving Redemption 5/5 TeePots.

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