Solitary vs Coven

Are you a solitary or part of a coven? What do you think are the pros and cons of each?

I’m solitary and I have never been interested in joining a coven until I saw Thorn Mooney‘s video where she talked about essentially this very topic. She mentioned some of the reasons that I was averse to covens, she confirmed that they were real things that can cause issues, but she also talked about the value of learning to work through those things and the power of community. She also made it clear that joining a coven doesn’t mean you stop working alone, which I hadn’t realised was something that had also been making me wary of group work.

Essentially her video made me realise that my resistance to covens isn’t simply about being in a coven, it’s about being in a coven that doesn’t suit me with people who aren’t my kind of people.

Another thing which I think has played a role in my becoming more open to joining a coven is my own growing self confidence. It’s far more terrifying to think about joining a group and being told you’re doing something wrong or being laughed at for not knowing something when you already feel insecure and inadequate yourself.
While I may not be able to withstand judgement and criticism all that well now, I can deal with a lot better than I used to because I have forged some belief in myself.

All that to say, I am considering looking for a coven at some point in the future but, much like Goldilocks, I will search for one that’s just right.

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