Do you write your own spells, use pre-written spells or do a mix of both?

A mix of both. Although my adaptations of pre-written spells generally end with the spell being unrecognisable, I just need something to start with. A blank page is not something that fills me with joy; I struggle with the initial spark of an idea, whereas if I find a pre-written spell I can easily tear it apart and create something that works for me from it.

A pre-written spell shows me what works and doesn’t for me. Rather than sitting and considering “what could I use to___?/What would feel right here?” for hours on end and getting nowhere, seeing what someone else has done sparks an immediate yes/no response. “Does it feel right to me to use black thread?” is a much more useful question for me than “what colour thread feels right to me?” It not only results in a yes/no on the black thread but brings up my feelings as to why yes/no on the black thread which makes it easier for me to work out which colour would be better suited.

That said, I’m also a “quick and dirty” witch so I don’t go for grandiose spells or rituals so sometimes I do write my own, in the sense that I totally wing it.

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