Threefold law

Do you believe in the concept of the threefold law of return?

I definitely used to but now I’m not so sure. I think it works well as a moral compass; don’t put out any energy you wouldn’t want back, that is something I’m totally on board with. I also think it’s also a good way to remind yourself to check in with your intentions and headspace before doing any workings. But generally, it’s not something that has any weight in my own practice now.

Law of attraction

While the three-fold law and the law of attraction are very different, there’s also a common thread between them or energy out = energy back, and I am not at all here for the law of attraction, at least not the way it’s most commonly taught. I actually did a very ranty, very sweary video about it last year but to sum up; not everyone can be positive all the time, or even a lot of the time. Some of us have mental illnesses that makes it essentially impossible to think neutral, let alone positive, sometimes.

While actively doing working to send out negative energy is very different to sending it out accidentally, I think it’s very easy for teachings and “laws” like this to contribute to self blame and stigma around mental illness. If you just control your thoughts, think positive, believe you’re fine then everything will work out, and if you don’t or can’t do those things then it’s your own fault.

I think there’s a middle ground where we take personal responsibility for what we can change but have understanding and compassion too.

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