Rules of witchcraft

Do you follow any set rules in your personal practice, such as “harm none”?

Yes but I have never consciously thought about them or phrased them before so this was an interesting exercise!

Harm none

This is definitely something I follow. For me it ties in to the quote I mentioned in my post about environmental consciousness in my practice, I try to tread lightly on the Earth and the includes interactions with other humans. I definitely run any workings past a “who will this affect and how” filter.

Free will is sacred

Manipulation of free will is something that deeply bothers me. I know there are witches who think it’s totally fine but, for me, it’s a hard no. People should have the right to choose, even if their choice hurts you or you think it’s wrong. Personally I feel that manipulating others, magickally or otherwise, is wrong and often the desire to do so comes from our own insecurities or shadows.

There are always alternatives to interfering with others’ free will; if you want someone to love you, cast to make yourself more charismatic or confident or more generally to bring love into your life. If you want someone to act differently or treat you better, cast for better personal boundaries or work with your throat Chakra and talk to them.

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