Everyday witching

How do you use witchcraft in your day to day life?

This is an area I’m working on at the moment really; I mentioned in my post about witchcraft courses that bringing my practice into everyday areas of my life is something I’d love to take a course in. That said, I have made some progress on that front recently.

Kitchen witchery

While I by no means get my witch on every time I cook, I have started sprinkling some intentions into my food on occasion. I like that it’s simple and, because I enjoy cooking anyway, it’s a very natural way to include my practice in everyday life.

Morning routine

I love me a routine, my mental health benefits from it too but it took me so long to even consider adding anything witchy into it. I’m a box person; I like to put things in boxes and spiritual practice is a whole separate box. Or was!

I’m currently trying a new thing where, at the end of my work day I shift my desk chair into a corner and put the seat I use to sit at my altar in the space. It’s encouraging me to a) not just get out of bed and start working, and b) to sit at my altar in the morning. Sometimes I’ll sit and meditate there, other days I’ll sit and chat with Ἑκάτη over a brew. It’s a really relaxed way to connect to myself and to my spirituality and it definitely helps me to act in alignment over the course of the day.

Weekly readings

I started doing weekly readings after watching Anya Esma’s video about daily tarot practice, which I’m shocked to discover was 7 months ago! I tried a few different ideas and decided weekly is definitely better than daily for me. Initially I stuck to a simple 3 card spread (Mon/Tues, Weds/Thurs, Fri-Sun) but I’ve recently changed that up a little and added a theme for the week and advice card which I’m really enjoying. I’ve also started sharing my weekly draws for #TeaAndTarotTuesday over on Instagram which I’m finding encourages me to think on the cards a little more, like a tarot journal, only I’m better at posting on Instagram than journaling!

Biz witching

I’m not going to talk much about this because I still have things in progress and I don’t want accidental interference but I’ve also started using my witchcraft in my business. Partly with tarot; I did a yearly spread this year which included cards for business but also in other ways which, for the moment, shall remain secret.

To know. To dare. To will. To be silent.

I would love to know how you incorporate witchcraft into your daily life; I’m on the lookout for more ideas!

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