Environmental consciousness and sustainability

Do you incorporate environmental consciousness and sustainability into your craft?

Yes, partly because my witchcraft is spiritual and partly because of my own understanding of the craft, but it is an intrinsic part of my practice. There’s a line in some writing I have in my BoS (I’m afraid I don’t know the author) which sums up my beliefs around this issue, “all life is sacred, all acts are ritual.” That line is the essence of my own beliefs and, for me, it means that no life is worth more than any other and that every action we take has meaning.

With that in mind, going vegan was the first step for me towards living more in line with my own beliefs. Since then I have worked on making more and more aspects of my life sustainable. I look for ethically sourced crystals and incense, I try to buy from small witchy businesses, and I like to pick up second hand bits to decorate my altar.

My attitude is very much that if we all do everything we can, then the things that we actually can’t do (my paper planner helps me manage my life and my mental illness, menstrual cups don’t work for me, etc) become just this tiny thing, rather than adding to an already enormous footprint.

I’m working on developing some green fingers at the moment too. I am not naturally good with plants. I am the person who makes them wilt just by walking past! But I’m bringing more and more plants into my indoor space and learning to care for them, for me that’s also a part of being environmentally conscious.

From a purely witchy point of view, I also cast for environmentally beneficial things; for people to understand climate change, for people to care about the Earth, for the planet to heal, etc. It’s something I have a hard time casting for because I have a lot of emotion around it and I’m wary of putting more fear and sadness into the world, but the times I feel like I have a calmer or more positive energy, I try to do what I can.

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