Secular, spiritual or religious?

Is your witchcraft secular, spiritual or religious? How does this influence your practice?

My witchcraft is spiritual; I’m not a fan of organised religion and part of the reason I love Paganism and witchcraft is the emphasis on your own personal path.

In fact a large part of my own path has been letting go of the “right” way to do things and all the “shoulds,” etc. For me that took the form of not really discussing my practice or beliefs for a long time, something I’m still wary of starting even now simply because I naturally default to other people being right.
It took me a long time to realise what the “be silent” portion of the witches pyramid meant to me and why it was so important but stepping away from taking in too much information or opinion on spirituality generally was really helpful for me. It gave me the space to work out what I actually believe, to try stuff and see what fits, and to get comfy with not knowing and figuring stuff out. It also allowed me to get a framework together for my own belief system so that, when I take on new information now, I’m less tempted to run with every idea and instead can assess whether that would fit my own practice or if the way it challenges my own beliefs is useful.

When it comes to my practice, my spirituality shows up mostly as a “whatever works for me” attitude and feeling stuff out. From which order to call the quarters, to altar layout, to Sabbat celebrations, to literally everything else, my entire practice is run past a “does this make sense/feel good to me?” filter.

My practice is also very rooted in psychospirituality; my understanding of and connection to myself is key to my understanding of and connection to everything outside of me. My spiritual practice has grown mostly from my self love practice which laid the groundwork for me to embrace my own ideas and beliefs and, eventually, to build them into a practice of their own.

31 days of witchcraft

I’m taking part in 31 days of witchcraft which is being run by Heather Carter. All the info, including the prompts, can be found on her YouTube channel which I also recommend you subscribe to because she’s a very interesting person.

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