Top 5 Mental Health Podcasts

A lovely friend of mine asked me to recommend my favourite mental health podcasts. She actually asked me 8 months ago but, between the fact I don’t listen to podcasts & telling myself it needed to be a “top 10” list even though I got stuck at 7, the final product has been a long time coming (and is a top 5 list)!

For this post I subscribed to a bunch of podcasts that popped up when I searched “mental health” or “mental illness” in my podcast app and I want to also say that I have not listened to a vast amount of episodes of these podcasts but I have tried to get a feel for them and their styles. Additionally, this list is in no particular order, it’s just a list of podcasts that I found to share the honest reality of mental illness and/or good advice for managing mental illness.

n.b. I have mentioned whether the hosts are American or English because some information included in the podcasts will be location specific and some people struggle with accents.

1) Ministry of change

The Ministry of Change podcast is a British podcast. Each episode is approximately 45 minutes long. The podcast promotes, what I consider to be, a healthy attitude to mental health and recovery. They talk about recovery but not as a cure, as a journey not a destination. The podcast also features interviews with other people at various places in their mental health journey.

From their own website, the Ministry of Change’s raison d’ĂȘtre is:
At its roots, this is a personal journey about learning to understand myself and my own mental health struggles, but I also want it to be outward focused. I hope that I can find some answers for myself, but more than that, I hope that I can inspire others and help other people connect the dots and make mental health something completely free of taboo.

You can also find Ministry of Change on Medium.

2) Therapy for Black Girls

Therapy for black girls is an American podcast hosted by a licensed psychologist. Episodes range from 10 to 60 minutes and cover a wide variety of topics which, as the name suggests, focus on the specific struggles of black women. Topics have included inter-generational trauma, miscarriage, emotional eating, colourism, EMDR and the angry black woman stereotype and offer lots of food for thought along with suggestions on how to begin unpicking your own issues around the topic.

You can also follow Therapy for Black Girls on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

3) Mentally Yours

Mentally Yours is a British podcast. Each episode is approximately 30 minutes long and includes honest chats about a specific illness or topic along with guests with lived experience. I love that the focus is on the experiences of people who have or are living through mental illness because I personally find hearing other people share their problems, solutions and feelings reminds me that what I am dealing with is normal for people living with my diagnoses and gives me hope that if they can keep on keeping on, so can I.

You can also follow Mentally Yours on Twitter.

4) The Struggle Bus

The Struggle Bus is hosted by two American women and is like the podcast version of peer support in my opinion. Episodes are between 45 and 70+ minutes long and feel very much like the listener is just enjoying a chat with friends. It’s a relaxed podcast that covers a variety of mental health topics along with giving advice to listener’s questions and problems. If you also want to financially support The Struggle Bus podcast you also get a Struggle Bus Pass to keep in your wallet, crisis kit, anywhere you might find it useful to be reminded that you’re not going through this alone.

You can also follow The Struggle Bus on Twitter and Instagram.

5) The Hardcore Self Help Podcast

The Hardcore Self Help Podcast is an American podcast. Each episode is approximately 45 minutes long and includes practical advice from a trained psychologist, often given in response to listener problems. What I especially liked about this podcast is its “do what works for you” message.

Bonus suggestions

  • 10% Happier: approx 60 minute episodes. Focus on meditation (American)
  • Unhinged: approx 30-60+ minute episodes. Focus on friendship & treatment resistant depression (American)
  • Mental Health News Radio: 20-60+ minute episodes. General mental health, interviews (American)
  • Mentally Chill: 50-80 minute episodes. Mental illness as experienced by comedians (American)


  1. Sheri

    Thank you! I’ll check these out, I can use all the help I can get right now.

    1. Mrs TeePot

      So sorry it took me so long! I hope some of them are useful to you.
      You can always message me on FB y’know, for a chat or anything. I’ll send you some other, non-podcast, links too that have helped me.

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