Funky hair oops

Funky hair: the pitfalls

I wanted to call this hair fail post “my oops moment,” but I suspect the Brits will understand why I didn’t!

This post is inspired by the lovely Kate on thin ice who is launching a brand new linky called “show real blogs” which I am thrilled to be co-hosting.
The idea behind it is to counter all the ‘perfect life’ blogs, vlogs, and social media posts out there, and show that real life isn’t perfect, but it’s still awesome! We all have our ‘oops moments,’ we all have rough weeks, that’s real life. You are not lesser, or weird, or different for having a life that isn’t picture perfect, so come and share your reality with us!

My hair-raising fail!

You may know that I like to change my hair on a somewhat regular basis. Relatively recently I realised that I adore my short hair, so now the major change is colour. Up until about 3 days ago, my buzz cut was my natural colour (a sort of dark blonde, light brown affair) and the top was bleached & then dyed pink. However, after wanting to go back to black for a while, I went for it!

The top wasn’t a problem, I just put the black dye on where I’d have redone the bleach anyway, and boom! Turns out though, that dying a buzz cut isn’t all that easy. Well, it is, but not easy to do without staining your scalp (and arm and forehead in my case!).

Honestly, the photos don’t do the mess I made of it justice! On camera it looks like my hair is just really thick. It’s not! That thick look is actually because my scalp has blotches of black all over it.

Fortunately Twitter came to my rescue! Super hairdresser Jason Collier, and blogger extraordinaire Blogging Mama, suggested milk. Yep, you read that right, milk! So I spent Monday evening rubbing semi-skimmed into my scalp, and blow me, it only helped! Tuesday evening I went at it again with some more milk, and it’s all sorted! Just my hair is black now. Hooray!

I don’t have an ‘after’ picture to share with you just yet, but I’ll be taking some new selfies to use as avatars across social media in the very near future! If you’re desperate though, you can always check out my VEDA vlog from Tuesday.

Now it’s your turn!

Rules are few & far between. All we ask is that you stop by another blog, or a few if you have time, and leave a supportive comment if you can.
You are welcome to share any post that shows real life at its messy best! Your worries & stresses, funny moments that came from something going totally wrong, plans that fell through but led to some spontaneous fun.

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What do you have to share this week?

Keep it real!


  1. Kate Holmes

    Love this post – you describe it way better than I did! Love coloured hair and yours story made me smile especially considering the frankly weird milk in France #ShowRealBlogs

    1. Mrs TeePot

      Thanks 🙂
      Ha, yes, the milk is questionable here! It took me some getting used to, especially as I’d be drinking skimmed for years in the UK, so getting used to semi-skimmed again was a challenge!

  2. Ojo Henley

    I had far too many hair mishaps, hence only going to the hairdresser now! Glad you fixed it, it’s a brilliant look x

    1. Mrs TeePot

      I think the hairdresser is a wise idea! I have 2 problems with that from a person pov though; cost, and the fact my hairdresser had to ask me what I dyed my hair (pink/blue) with and where I buy it! The most exciting colour they get here is that darkish ultra-violet colour.
      Your hair is so awesome, I love it!

  3. CHlo

    As a fellow self-dyer I feel you! I have had my fair share of hair disasters, from green to blonde to pink to brown, it’s addictive. Definitely been found rubbing milk onto my forehead, ears, shoulders like a mad woman on more than one occasion! Glad I found this though #ShowRealBlogs!

    1. Mrs TeePot

      Glad it’s not just me rubbing milk on my skin! It definitely is addictive, the dye, I love how I can change my look so easily!

  4. oldhouseintheshires

    Your hair is cool! My hair is ultra curly so would not thank me if I cut it short but I have always liked short hair on other people. I did have a ‘Wham 1986’ short flick with a dyed front once but it looked more like a poodle had died on my head…never a good look! Thank goodness for Madonna and ‘Like a Virgin’ -she saved my school street cred! Great post btw! #showrealblogs

    1. Mrs TeePot

      Thanks! I always wanted curly hair, but my hair just will not hold them!
      Haha! You owe Madonna a drink, I think!
      Thanks for joining in!

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