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During our stay down south we decided to visit Mevagissey, a little Cornish fishing village. We made the mistake of parking in the first car park we came to, naturally that also appeared to be the most expensive, so don’t do that!

After that initial error though, I really enjoyed myself. The harbour was so quaint and lovely, so between catching Pokemon and getting in the kilometres on my eggs, I took loads of photos and video footage so I’d remember it. My memory is shocking, still!

We wandered around the harbour, which was incredibly quiet, I suspect there are more tourists there in the summer though, and if not then there really should be! It’s such a pretty place.

My parents treated themselves to some proper Cornish pasties from one of the shops, when in Cornwall, right?! But a special shout out to The Lavender Pillow, the shop where, after nearly 6 months of spiritual dry spell, I remembered how much I love Tarot, and crystals, and all things woo-woo! I bought a clear quartz point, which I’d be on the hunt for since well before my dry spell, a citrine point, a beautiful piece of amethyst, and a blue howlite tumbled stone. Had we not been in a rush to get back to the car park as our ticket was running out, I would happily have spent all day in there buying all the things!

If you’re in the area, maybe visiting the Eden Project and/or the Lost Gardens of Heligan, I would absolutely recommend you put an afternoon aside to stop by Mevagissey. There’s something comforting and special about this little harbour town, almost like it’s been allowed to remain unspoilt by much of modern life.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Mevagissey, or want to plan your visit, here are some helpful links:

Views of the harbour:Mevagissy

Mevagissy boats

Mevagissy harbour

I love the different coloured houses and the whole feel of Mevagissey.

Mevagissy harbour

Mevagissy houses

There’s something about fishing equipment that I think makes a good photo. But then I feel the same about bikes and signs!

Mevagissy lobster cages

Sitting on the dock of the bay!

Mevagissy mum

Are you a fan of little villages like this? I love these kind of places, but only to visit!


  1. Steve

    I would be the same, buying the crystals. I was just going through my collection the other day.
    I love little villages where it is as if time stands still. Somewhere to relax and de-stress. Nice post Liv.

  2. Sheri

    Sounds lovely, and I’m glad you were able to re-connect with your “woo-woo.”

  3. Tara

    Trying to see more of the UK this year and this place looks lush!

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