Heligan Gardens rope bridge

TeePot’s Travels to the Lost Gardens of Heligan

lost gardens of Heligan

Part of our UK trip plan was to fit in some holiday time, time when we weren’t visiting friends & family, so during our time down south we spent a day at the Lost Gardens of Heligan.

Heligan gardens are super close to the Eden Project so we bought the combined ticket to allow us entry to both, it saves you a bit of cash if you buy online too.

We went to Heligan on our first day down south and we all really enjoyed it. The gardens are so varied and beautiful, and we were blessed with superb weather on our trip.

The huge, pink rhododendrons that make up large areas of Heligan are truly stunning, I don’t think any of us realised that they could get so big!

Heligan is split up into different areas so you can head to the parts that you’re most interested in first, or save them for last! We spent most of our time in ‘the jungle’ which is home to more exotic plants, and some steep climbs! You can also check out the estate itself, the productive gardens or the traditional gardens, so there’s something for everyone.

I think it would be an ideal place to take kids, along with the gardens there are lots of farm animals to see, a rope bridge and a huge climbing frame area. Also, it’s an excellent place to play Pokemon Go!

The one thing that really annoyed me though was the cutlery; we stopped at a little café in the gardens for lunch where all of us had a pasty. The pasties came with wooden knives & forks, all well and good for being ecofriendly, but they don’t actually work! The fork tines were too short, and the knife was not sharp. I think it would be far more ecofriendly to just not provide cutlery at all, because you have to use your fingers if you want to eat there anyway!

Find out more at http://heligan.com/

Heligan Gardens

Much of the gardens of Heligan feels wild, as if it is exactly as nature intended, even though they are obviously very well looked after.

Heligan Gardens

My mother, the thrill-seeker, got her kicks crossing the rope bridge…in her flip-flops!

Heligan Gardens rope bridge

Heligan Gardens rope bridge

Who doesn’t love an Emu?!

Heligan Gardens Emu

Have you discovered the Lost Gardens of Heligan? What did you think?


  1. Steve

    That place looks wonderful. I could imagine it to be so peaceful

    1. Mrs TeePot

      It was a really lovely place, definitely worth a visit. I imagine it’s very busy in summer though!

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