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Love Wins

Choose LoveIn the run up to the Brexit vote I wrote a post entitled “Love Wins?

After the Brexit vote I fell apart. I lost hope. I gave up. I spent a weekend in hospital, suicidal. I had no belief in the human race.

And yet, here I am, writing this. Trump has been elected and still there is no question mark on this Love Wins post. No poem written through tears of fear.

I have cried. Of course I have cried. I have felt the despair and pain and fear, but this time I am not giving up. This time I hear the call for me to stand up, to stand proud and fight on.

Today, and every day, I choose love. I choose acceptance. I choose hope. But I also choose to make it known that I will no longer stand by and let hate go unchallenged. No matter what. No matter how scared I feel, or how my voice may shake, or whether I cry. I will not be another person who lets hate slide so as not to rock the boat.

When I was younger I believed so hard that people would, if they truly understood the reality, choose good over evil. I have been proved wrong over and over again. Now I believe that sometimes the only way to fight for light is to actively reject the dark. So, if you consciously choose hate, I consciously choose to reject you. I will not fight you, I will not hurt you, I will not abuse you, I will just quietly walk out of your life.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

I will fight for what I believe is right, I will have courage to stand up for what I believe is important. I will shine my light of love so brightly that anyone who has space for love in their heart will be lit by it.

But I will accept that some people would rather be blinded by hate, than risk the possible pain of trusting, hoping or loving. I will allow those people to hold their beliefs, but I will not condone them. I will not be the good person who stands by and lets evil triumph.


  1. Sheri

    I love this post, there is so much strength in these words. You have come so far.

  2. Lauranne

    I am hoping that will be the positive that comes out of Trumps election, that people will finally stand up for what is right and not let hate win. However, I am still a little amazed. I am waiting for someone to step in and say “ok, we’ve taken this joke far enough Bazinga!”

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