log delivery arriving

My Sunday Photo: Log Delivery

The big event this week was our log delivery! Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not thrill a minute in rural France…!

Anyway, logs arrived about 2pm and we got them into the shed and stacked pretty speedily this year. Go us!log delivery arriving

log delivery tip

Rupert Bear, and to a lesser extent TiLi, had a wonderful time nosing in the wood pile! Lots of interesting smells for them, I’m sure. Rupert was so mucky from where he’d been sticking his head into the pile of logs I kept chuckling at him every time I saw him! He was not amused at my laughter, or at the camera being shoved in face!

Rupert mucky mush and TiLi




  1. Darren Coleshill

    I’d love to have a log burner, it always feels more homely and wintery

    Thank you for linking up

  2. Carol

    Your dogs are so cute!

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