I began writing this post months ago, inspired by The Prompt theme ‘dance.’ While the world remains a dark, scary place, I felt it was appropriate for me to finish and publish this post now. Maybe if we all embrace our inner light, the world can change. Apologies that it’s a bit of a disjointed post!

After my love wins? post yesterday I thought I’d try and write something positive inspired by The Prompt this week; dance.

With all the hate in this world right now, our own inner light is so important, and I was reminded of that by Kellie:

Part of turning the light on in ourselves is loving ourselves, respecting ourselves, advocating for ourselves. We must all realise that we, as individuals, are important. That every single one of us has a purpose. That we can change the world for the better. It starts with us.

It’s a long journey to self-love and self-acceptance. I don’t really think self-love is a destination now I think about it. Self-love is something we must practice daily, and some days it will be much harder than others. I am now well into my own self-love journey and I have begun to accept myself as I am. For who I am. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t areas of me I want to change; weight, sensitivity, judgementalness, but it does mean that I accept and love who I am right now, at this exact moment. I may be driven to grow and evolve as a person, but that doesn’t mean that who I am now doesn’t deserve love.

I have noticed that, now I am happier and more accepting of myself, I dance more. In the past, right up until a few months ago, I would only dance when I was drunk. Even in my own room. Yet when I was a child I loved it so much I would dance all the time. It made me feel free and joyful. It made me feel empowered.

So I am thrilled to be able to share that I am dancing again. Sober. That when I put my music on at night I bust a move or three. I may not be completely letting go just yet, but I am letting go a little, and that is turning the light on in me. And my inner light, it’s shining despite the endless bombardment of bad news coming in from all over the world. What good am I if I hear all the awful news and let it dim my light? What help is that? How can that change anything?

So here I am, choosing to shine my light. Choosing to dance my dance. Choosing to change the world, even if only those close to me see it.

What turns your light on? Have you found the thing that lights you up inside yet? Do you do it enough?


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  1. Sheri

    This is a wonderful post! Dancing around the house with abandon is a fantastic thing to do.

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