Happy Days: weight & expat life

It’s been another good week chez TeePot, full of happy moments. As usual, agility has been really enjoyable and on Tuesday we got our expat on and went to Lunch Bunch with some friends.

happy selfie red dressWhile my exercise has slowed down because I’m coming down with something, I feel like my weight loss is still on track. I’m pleased with how my clothes are fitting again and I can see my shape starting to change.

I set up my Bullet Journal for October. I’ve changed my trackers slightly so my sleep tracker is now a graph & my general tracker is bigger. I’ve really enjoyed using my BuJo last month, so I’m hoping I can keep the momentum up this month too!

After discovering Boho Berry‘s Tribe I’ve also decided to do the Plan With Me Challenge this month on Instagram. Also inspired by her I did a tiny bit of colouring in of my “Hello October” page, and I didn’t hate it or get stressed by it! I’m even thinking about trying to draw and paint and get crafty.

My Happy List:
  • Saw Dr about a breast lump and was told it’s most likely a swollen gland.
  • Lovely, chatty lunch with friends at Lunch Bunch.
  • Fun agility sessions, TiLi doing pretty well, weave coming on a treat.
  • Good weather, despite the odd shower.
  • Had friends come for lunch, lovely to catch up with them.
  • Doing well with weight loss.
  • Feel like I’m looking good, or at least much better!
  • Blogged 5 things I love about myself & found it pretty easy!
  • Organised my drawers (ooh err!)
  • Launched a charity Photo Competition.
  • Lots of cuddles with TiLi & Rupert Bear.

So that’s been the good stuff in my week. I hope you’ve had a great week too and are ready to enjoy all the gorgeous autumn colours that will be coming soon!

You Baby Me Mummy

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