5 things I love about myself

5 Things I Love About Myself

Inspired by Kate over at WitWitWoo & Nickie at Typecast I’m sharing 5 things I love about myself. An ideal post as we come to the end of Self-Love September. I actually shared 10 things I like about myself back in 2014, so it’s interesting to see what has changed.

5 Things I Love About Myself:
  1. Confidence – I guess I never thought I’d be able to write that about myself, but I can honestly say I feel confident nowadays. I feel confident in who I am and care so much less about what other people think/say, it’s an amazingly freeing experience.
  2. 5 things I love about myselfStrength – I have fought my way through mental illness and I feel I’ve come out the other side. While it wasn’t all my own doing, I had a lot of support and have had my life saved by others when I have given up, every time I have pulled myself back onto the recovery wagon. I have kept picking myself up, even when I desperately didn’t want to. I have an inner strength that has brought me to this point and I am really proud of that.
  3. Unassuming– thank you Nickie for this one! I think this is a lovely word to describe me, and not one I would have thought of myself. I guess when I think about my positives modesty and such aren’t things that spring to mind but I think it’s a great quality to have.
  4. Love/Trust – I’m rolling these into one because they tie into each other. I love freely and easily, and trust people, I believe most people mean well and have good intentions, even if sometimes they make mistakes. I have faith in people I guess. And while you may think that falling in love easily is a bad thing, in my opinion it’s not. I have an open heart and I believe that is a good thing.
  5. Deep – I’m a deep person. I do a lot of naval-gazing and work a lot on self improvement. I want to be the best human I can be for me, and for those around me. I want to be a good person, a happy person, a loved person.

This has been such a great exercise, I challenge you to think of 5 things you love about yourself. You don’t have to share them, but it’s so important that we love ourselves and see our awesome bits!

Happy Self-Love September!

September 2016 selfie


  1. Kate Sutton

    Such lovely words, I’m so glad that you got a lot out of doing this for yourself – something perhaps we should revisit every year.

  2. Sheri

    What a wonderful post!

  3. Nickie

    I’m glad you chose those first two words for yourself because I’ve seen you change a lot over the past few weeks and months and become more sure of who you are. No, the journey has not ended – it’s only just begun and the use of this exercise for Self Love September is a great way to evaluate how far you have come so far. Well done, mate!

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