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Happy Days: Bonding

It’s been an exhausting but fun and happy filled week: Step-Dad was away visiting family so Mum and I did some bonding…over Pokemon!

We went for a couple of Poke-walks around local cities; Laval & Fougères. We discovered some beautiful views and places, while adding to our Pokedex and getting our exercise in. We are winning at multi-tasking!laval views

On the way home from Fosse Arthour, a really gorgeous place, we spotted two donkeys munching the hedges by the main road. We went up a lane to try and locate the owner and found 3 more donkeys, also loose. Fortunately, at the end of the lane, we did find the owner and he told us he would go and sort it and get them back in their field. Phew! Good deed for the day!


In impressive news; I saw my therapist on Friday after a two week break, and we’ve left my next session open! No pre-booked session, just the option to return if I need to! While my therapist is amazing and I find my sessions empowering & very helpful, it’s nice to feel that she believes I am strong enough to cope with life alone now. I feel strong enough, much stronger than I probably ever have before. Go me!

And now onto all my happy stuff from the week.

My Happy List:
  • Lots of walking & step-goal hitting.
  • Fun days out Pokehunting with the Mothership!
  • Got my first 1,000+CP Pokemon (two of them in fact!)!
  • Discovered beautiful views of Laval thanks to Pokemon Go.
  • Used the exercise bike twice so far this week…1 day to go!
  • Rescued some donkey escapees!
  • Discovered a stunning area of natural beauty; Fosse Arthour.
  • Had a good therapy session & left next session open, that might be it!
  • Looking into Yoga classes.
  • Changed my hair colour from blue to purple.
  • Received my replacement Fitbit.
  • Felt confident and happy.
  • Re-organised my computer desk…again!
  • Designed myself some new business cards.
  • Gave my altar a more autumnal feel.
  • Smiled & laughed a lot.

fougeres gardens

stream Fosse Arthour

fougeres chateau

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  1. Sian QuiteFranklySheSaid

    Oh wow well done on your therapy, that is brilliant and you definitely are strong enough. You know your therapist is there if you need them. Yoga is fab, I hope you enjoy it. Gorgeous photos lovely! Thanks for linking up to #HappyDaysLinky x

  2. Katy (What Katy Said)

    Smiling means laughing a lot- what a lovely way to end your list. That is great news that you have an open appointment now- shows how far you’ve come. Thank you for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

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