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Happy Days: Exercise & more

This week has been an interesting one; I used our exercise bike three times again, as I planned to, and proved to myself that my anxiety is totally under control now, if not gone.

My agility trainer, who is also a dog groomer, kindly offered to teach me how to groom our poocheroos. My therapist had suggested it might be something I could do career wise, and the idea really appealed to me. Now I’ve given it a go and know I can do it and enjoy it, I’m going to start looking at courses to train to groom, along with hopefully learning to teach dog agility.

I’m so pleased and proud of myself for being able to go to the practice/training session, alone. Mum dropped me off at a friend’s who is also learning and we went together. While I know both the friend and my agility (and now grooming) teacher, they aren’t ‘safe people’ to me. Despite that, I spent 5 happy hours with them and my dogs, grooming and chatting. I really enjoyed myself.

I’m so grateful to my therapist for helping me let go of my mental illness, and I’m so proud of myself for working so hard at getting better.

Now, onto all the happy things from this week!

sweaty exercise bike selfieMy Happy List:
  • Used the exercise bike 3 times again this week.
  • Watched the cat sleeping on my bed for an entire day.
  • Lots of loves and snuggles from TiLi & Rupert Bear.
  • Took the plunge and asked for dog grooming lessons.
  • Went to my first dog grooming lesson.
  • Kicked anxiety in the butt by going to said dog grooming lesson alone (i.e. without a ‘safe’ person.)
  • Felt proud of myself.
  • Had a chilled out evening in bed with both dogs & the cat!
  • Committed to improving my physical health with the help of Thinking Slimmer & my own determination.
  • Loved my body as it is.
  • Went a week without seeing my therapist with no problem (I’m seeing her every 2 weeks now).
  • Realised that I had no side effects from stopping taking Depamide.
  • Was an awesome human being!

snoozy pets on bed

sleeping cat

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  1. Sunita - Lucky Things blog

    Ah I love a happy list. Funny as I have committed to doing more exercise so trying to stay motivated! Good luck with ticking everything off your list #TheList

  2. Sian QuiteFranklySheSaid

    What a brilliant positive week! Well done for going to the dog grooming lesson alone, that must have been a big leap! Thanks for linking up to #HappyDaysLinky x

  3. Katy (What Katy Said)

    Yay for loving your body! Such a great week! Thank you for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky xx

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