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Weight Loss: On your (exercise) bike!

exercise bike selfieLast week I finally did it: I got on our exercise bike!

I’ve been listening to the Thinking Slimmer Fitpod (along with the other pods) for a few weeks now and have been gradually getting more active during the day, which I’ve mentioned before. But on Monday I pulled my finger out and asked my Step-Dad to show me how to use our exercise bike.

I did 10 minutes on Monday, I dripped with sweat, but I was so proud!

I did 12 minutes on Tuesday, I dripped with more sweat, but I didn’t feel that depression that used to come over me when I exercised. I didn’t feel sad, or angry, or annoyed. I felt proud.

I did 10 minutes on Sunday, it was hard. I’m trying out different programmes on the bike so I get a feel for what I can do when I’m ready for a good workout and what I can do when I’m not feeling overly full of beans!

I will be using the exercise bike, which has now been moved into the spare room on my side of the house, at least 3 times a week. I’m going to gradually build up the amount of time I use it for, and 10-12 minutes seems ideal for me at the moment; it gets my heart going, it gets me sweaty, but I don’t feel like I’m going to die!

I’m also really wanting to get back into some yoga a few times a week. I need to strengthen my back and my core. When I tried Yoga a while back I found it really helped to ease the pain I get in my lower back (weak lower backs run in my family.).

If you can handle a sweaty video, check out little celebration vlog below!

The post-exercise video:

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