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Happy Days: Self-Love September

Hoorah people! It is self-love September, my favourite month of the year! I adore having a whole month to focus on self care, self acceptance and all that other good stuff. Not that it’s something you should only do one month a year, but it’s nice to have that time to laser in on any self-loving challenges or issues that may be arising, or just to kick start your practice again.

If you’re not into ‘new age nonsense’ or think this is all too ‘woo woo’ for you, think again. If you don’t love yourself, if you don’t make self-loving choices, if you don’t respect and accept yourself, how can you set healthy boundaries? How can you ask others to love and accept you? How can you be truly happy? How can you be the best version of yourself?

I am big into new age and woo woo stuff so I incorporate Tarot/Oracle/Lenormand, sometimes crystals, and occasionally ritual, into my practice. I find it helps me focus and that those things can help me to look at issues I may have been avoiding, or to see them in a different way, and of course to actually deal with them and move on.

Some self-loving things that I’ve done so far this self-love September:
  • self-love September quotesChanged the bed (a small, but important job!)
  • Added a new self-love quote to my mirror (last year’s reads “Do not abandon yourself,” this year’s is “you must be whole on your own.”)
  • Shadow work (restarted my shadow work journal using Soulcards to look deeper into myself and my issues.)
  • Exercised.
  • Set up my Mental Health Bullet Journal, inspired by Buzzfeed via Pinterest! (I’m also using it for general BuJo stuff too.)
  • Continued with therapy.
  • Gone bowling with friends (after nearly 6 months away I went back and really enjoyed it.)
  • Watched/listened to lots of self-love content.
  • Supported others.
  • Supported myself.
  • Began discovering my passions.
  • Believed in myself.

For more information on self-love September please check out Kelly-Ann Maddox.

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  1. Alana - Burnished Chaos

    I’ve never heard of self-love September but it sounds like a great idea. We all need to take time out every now and then to concentrate on ourselves.

  2. Sheri

    OMG!!! I just had an amazing AHA! moment. My absolute worst time of year starts October 1 and runs all the through to January 2. If I can do Self-Love September, think of the head-start I’d have!!

    1. Mrs TeePot

      So glad you’ve had that realisation and can begin to work on it, you can absolutely rock Self-love September and give yourself a huge head start 🙂

  3. Sian QuiteFranklySheSaid

    Self care is so important and it’s great to read that you’re off to a great start this month! I am trying to practise being more mindful too which people think is a bit hippy dippy too but it makes so much sense really. Thanks for linking up to #HappyDaysLinky x

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