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Weight loss: A fresh start

I’ve been not so quietly putting on weight again for the past few weeks. There has been a lot of cake in my life. It has not been good. Well…it has been good…but not for my weight!

So, today is a fresh start! This morning I spent 10 minutes on our exercise bike, I burned just over 100 calories and I got my heart rate up which is great. I’m going to aim to do some exercise, outside of walking the dogs, 3 times a week from now on. It might not always be exercise biking, it could be a long walk or some yoga if I want something a bit more gentle, but I’m going to get moving more because I need to. I know that eating is more than half the work, but for my heart health and to try to avoid the type 2 diabetes that runs in the family I need to start exercising.

Additionally, I’m restarting my chocoholic pod, alongside my Slimpod & Fitpod. I think I’ll be chocoholic podding in the morning/afternoon and then continue falling asleep to my Slim/Fit pods from Thinking Slimmer.

Medication wise, in 5 days I will be totally off Depamide (Valpromide) and I’m hoping that once that’s out of my system I will find it easier to lose weight as I won’t have to fight the weight gain side-effects of that drug anymore. I’m still taking 3 other types of medication but I really hope that one less will decrease my appetite.

One thing I am really struggling with is my appetite in the run up to my period. For a week or more before I crave crisps, cake, chocolate, basically anything ‘bad.’ And given that my period is often late, those cravings, which lead to eating ‘bad’ foods, can regularly last beyond a week. And poor eating for at least a week every month is just not good. So if anyone has any tips on managing those time of the month cravings do let me know.

I haven’t weighed in as part of this fresh start, that may surprise you. But I am trying to focus on how my clothes feel and fit, and what I look like in the mirror. Weight is, as we all know, a poor measurement of health and after I got hooked on weighing in before I’m determined not to get obsessive about the scales again. I will be checking in every now and again, just to adjust my Fitbit information and such, but probably only once a month.

eating galette

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  1. Sheri

    Your attitude is wonderful. I’m so happy to be reading so much good about your life. All of this shows that you made the right decision when you changed your name.

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