cow chillin

My Sunday Photo: Chillin’ Cow

Mum & I popped into town yesterday to grab some shopping and couldn’t resist this photo opportunity! As we drove in I spotted, in the distance, a cow sitting cross-legged on a bench, so we went home a different way and, well…voila! A cow, sitting cross-legged on a bench!

Amazing the things you see in France!
cow chillin



  1. Tamar

    Haha – that is amazing!

  2. Verily Victoria Vocalises

    That is definitely one chillin’ cow! What a great sculpture – much more fun than most you see 🙂

  3. Laura

    Omg this is brilliant.

  4. Bear and Cardigan

    That is great you should have had your photo taken next to it #MySundayPhoto

  5. Kim Carberry

    hehehe! That made me chuckle…Amazing x

  6. Darren Coleshill

    what an awesome cow. Looking so chilled

    Thank you for linking up

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