Border Planning

My Sunday Photo: BBQ Queen

BBQ QueenThis Friday my mother got her BBQ on to feed the Garden Action group of expats who kindly came to dig out our new border.

The term ‘border’ may be somewhat inaccurate as the piece being dug was rather large! But they got stuck in and worked very hard, as usual, and all was sorted by lunch time. We’re just on the hunt for a rotavator now to dig in the muck.

Their reward was a lot of meat and various other side dishes of roast veg and such. Plus, of course, a trifle, and BBQ bananas!

The food was delicious, there’s something yummy about BBQ food don’t you think? It always seems awesome, maybe it’s because it normally means good weather too!

Mum is really thrilled with the border so far and is looking forward to planning what goes in it, and then actually planting the appropriate plants.

Personally, I know nothing about gardening and have zero interest in it, but my parents are quite keen and enjoy keeping a garden and looking out on the colours and such. My mum likes to pootle around the garden of an evening and take it all in too.

The photo below is my mother directing Step-Dad in the initial shape and size of the border while he digs out the guide lines! As you can see my mother is a natural at overseeing projects!!!

Border Planning
Border Planning


  1. Darren Coleshill

    Loving it, we’re so bad we hardly ever have a BBQ

    Thank you for linking up

  2. Notmyyearoff

    hope it was a really lovely BBQ. The weather looks fabulous!

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