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Tree TrimmingThis week we’ve been spending a lot of time in the garden. The weather has been beautiful which has been wonderful, although I did get a touch of sunburn on my neck and shoulders the other day! Oops! Despite that I’ve been really enjoying the weather, I much prefer sunshine and warmth to the chilly, wet winters.

For a couple of days it’s actually been too hot to walk the dogs at their normal time in the afternoon, I’ve had to wait until about 8pm to walk them so that it’s cooled down enough for them to enjoy it.

Today, while Step-Dad was strimming a friend’s garden, Mum trimmed our Christmas tree, with a little help from me for the upper branches!

There’s been a lot of mowing and strimming and pruning happening as the weather is making everything grow so fast it’s untrue!

The kids relaxingThe kids have been enjoying the weather too. TiLi has been able to play with her tennis ball more often; it’s an outside toy because it needs a long distance to throw it properly. We’ve also been able to practice our agility more often at home, and at ‘school’ too!

She’s also enjoyed basking in the sun in the hottest places she can find! She’s such a sun worshiper!

Rupert has been spending much of his time on the garden chairs in the shade of the umbrella, he’s not a big one for sunshine!

Mr Tinks spends most of his time hunting now; rodents, birds, bugs, grass snakes…essentially, if it moves, he’ll try and kill it! Joy!

When he’s not killing things though, he does enjoy a little sunbathing and then comes inside to cool down on the tiles when he’s roasted!

So that’s why my word of the week is ‘garden,’ and long may it continue!

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  1. Sheri

    I love the picture with your mom peeking around the tree.

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