Month in a Minute: May 2016

May has been a quiet month on the blog really, it’s been a tough one emotionally; I’ve been up and down, mostly down, and also busy with various things, trying to get back into the swing of normal life after our time in Spain.

The big news this month was that I asked you all to call me Trinity, after I wrote about being in between names I realised that I really needed to try on my new name to know whether it fitted. Honestly, it’s caused some stress Chez TeePot, but I’ll write about that in a different post.

I reviewed what may well be the comfiest bra in the world in May too, and my weight loss has continued but in a new way. You can follow my Thinking Slimmer journey on my YouTube playlist of the same name, I’m planning to vlog again very soon about it.

Overall, like I say, it’s been a rough month. Looking back on my May mood charts I can see that it has been less stable than I have been for a while. It’s not helping that my psychiatrist has been promoted and I’m now without any professional support until a new one is hired, knowing that I am out there alone is scary. I know I have family support and good friends, but there is a comfort, for me, in knowing that, should something happen, I could call and get an appointment with a professional who could adjust my medication, or offer some advice that maybe I hadn’t thought of, or just be there to say, “this is normal, you’re doing great.”

Anyway, I wasn’t planning to ramble in this blog post, but there you are…!

May Month in a Minute Video

p.s. Most of my footage from this month is from my Snapchat which I’m really getting into using now. You can add me with this code:


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  1. Rachel

    Aww the kitties are so cute, a great month in a minute.

  2. HelpfulMum

    Thank you for joining in. Love all the cat footage! I must get into snapchat!

    1. Mrs TeePot

      I do seem to get a lot of photos & videos of the cat…I think it’s because it keeps me at a safe distance from him! lol!
      If you do try Snapchat let me know, I’d love to follow you!

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