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The comfiest bra ever?

bra low cutYou know that feeling when you take your bra off at the end of the day? That blissful feeling of joy and relaxation and comfort? It’s lovely right? Well for the past week or so I haven’t had that feeling because I’ve worn my new bra from !

I opted for a plunge bra from the Barbara Lingerie range in nude as I don’t have many, if any, plunge bras and I thought it would be really useful to have one so I can wear some of my lower cut tops.

To test it out I popped on my most revealing top, this pink and black number, and it did the job perfectly; supportive but hidden.

But back to my main point, the comfort. I’ve had comfy bras before, but I’ve still had that feeling of joy taking them off at the end of the day. When I wear this bra I honestly don’t feel that, it is so comfortable that I would happily wear it everyday!

You may assume that it must be ugly because it’s so comfy, but you would be wrong! It has beautiful lace straps and a lace back too, with a little lock detail on the front which I think is super cute.

UK lingerie bra

bra hiddenThis bra has fast become my favourite that I own. It’s super comfy, ideal for many of my tops and pretty too. It has actually made me rethink my lingerie buying habits as well, I feel much more inclined to invest in a few really good bras like this one, rather than fill my drawer with less comfy, cheaper alternatives. Additionally I’m converted to pretty, lace bras rather than the plain, boring ones that I have been wearing!

I was nervous about washing it, I will admit, because the lace looks so delicate, but so far it’s washed brilliantly and is ready to hit the streets of downtown France again any time soon!

I will say that I don’t wear it to dog agility classes because when I bend down a lot in it, as I do at agility training, I occasionally have a small ‘slip,’ I’m sure you know what I mean! For day to day use when not running and bending over after a fast moving Bichon though, it’s brilliant, and I’ll be using it on special occasions too, like if I ever have another date!


I was gifted this bra to review but all views expressed are my own and completely honest.

it was all yellow

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