plan with me 11th April 2016

Plan with me: my new planner!

Kikki K frontHooray! I returned home from my holiday and my new Kikki K planner had arrived! I was so psyched and had to share with you for Plan with me Monday. I filmed a walk through of my new planner and set up which you can find at the bottom of this post, but I’m also going to share some photos because I know some people don’t like video format posts or can’t watch them because their internet is poor or whatever. If you fancy a plan with me video you can shoot to the bottom of this post though!

I opted for the medium sized Kikki K in yellow and it’s a beautiful, bright colour that makes me feel happy! The medium sized Kikki K is equivalent to the personal size Filofax for those who don’t know.

I moved out of my teal Webster’s Pages Color Crush which is slightly larger height wise than my Kikki K or my Filofax, initially I loved that extra height but now I’m feeling that the slightly smaller format of the Kikki K is much better for my new, downsized, handbag!

The back of the Kikki K features the Kikki K logo in gold at the bottom, and on the front the button on the clasp has the Kikki K, ‘K’ and I know some people don’t like branding on their planners so much, but I don’t mind it at all.

So, in we go! This is what I see whenever I open my planner. On the left there’s the to-do list that came with my new planner and my ‘Key to Love – Believe’ which was a wonderful gift from a lovely friend who I found through Twitter. In the back pocket I have my daily notes for my psychiatrist that I keep to monitor my moods, etc, I find it easier to carry it with me in case I need to jot something down on there while I’m out. On the right I have a top loading pocket where I keep my Tarot card for the day so I see it regularly.

Kikki K interior

Plan with me dashboard

When I flip over the “Be happy. Be bright. Be you.” page that sits behind my top loading pocket I get to my dashboard where I keep some cute dog paper clips and some sticky notes in case I need them. I don’t have a lot on there because I don’t really use sticky notes all that much, but you can guarantee that if I didn’t have any with me I’d need one!

Spread through my planner I have pictures of loved ones & quotes I love too, I want to decorate the inspire pages I have that came with my Color Crush to include photos and quotes and things because they’re beautiful pages but so impersonal for me at the moment.

Inserts wise I moved almost all of my inserts from my Color Crush into my Kikki K. I didn’t like the calendar inserts that came with my new planner so they are in storage for the time being. Calendar wise I’m sticking with the print your own inserts from Philofaxy, I’m using the Color Crush style inserts by them because I love having a notes section on each week.

And now we get to my weekly spread decoration for this week, I so nearly went all yellow with my washi this week but then I realised that my yellow washi wasn’t as bright as my planner so it looked a bit dull! So here’s the look I went for:

plan with me 11th April 2016

For those of you who do enjoy a planner video, here’s my first plan with me video!

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