Share the Joy: Home

After the accident that left us all feeling somewhat broken, we were all so relieved to be home. Thrilled to be out of the car and able to relax and let what had happened really sink in and such. Happy to be back in our own beds. And the dogs are over the moon to have a garden and space again! TiLi and Mr Tinks are playing together like the crazy kids they are again, Rupert Bear is chilled out and enjoying being able to sit on his windowsill again, all is well in their world!


And so I wanted to share the joy this week because, as I said in my other post, it could have been so much worse and we were very lucky.

So here’s some good things about this week:Mr Tinks home

  • Finally got home.
  • Mr Tinks came home!
  • Happy, happy dogs.
  • Parcels and post.
  • New planner.
  • Looking & feeling slimmer and healthier.
  • Bit of a spring clean in my room.
  • Extended my altar.
  • Lots of support from family & friends.
  • Slowly feeling less tired!
  • Kept up my daily Tarot draws.

So, despite there being a lot of bad things this week, or rather a few fairly major bad things, there have also been a lot of good, happy things. Things will start getting back to normal soon hopefully, life will happen and soon it will a distant memory.

I am thankful this week for whoever or whatever was watching over us on Monday night. Shaken sure, but grateful.

Embrace Happy


  1. Sheri Kauffman

    This post inspires me to step outside of my sometimes overwhelming feelings of depression to find the good things that have happened.

    1. Mrs TeePot

      I have honestly found that keeping a list of 3 good things each day is helping me. There are days that I find it makes me worse for sure, I’ll sit and think “There is nothing good today, oh that is awful” but there IS good in every day. Sometimes my 3 things will be “Had a shower, got dressed, did make-up” or really basic stuff like that, but that’s good stuff for me, on a bad day those things are important, huge things.

  2. Carol Cameleon

    I find my Gratitude Journal (which I have kept since December last year – why wait for January?!) really helps me and I even find myself making a mental note of a happy moment throughout my days. Anyway, back to you! It must be such a relief to be back home now and getting back to normal. Onwards. #happydays

  3. Sian QuiteFranklySheSaid

    Eek I’m so sorry to hear about your accident 🙁 But it’s lovely to read that you’ve still managed to find do much happiness in your week. Parcels and post makes me seriously happy! Thanks for linking up to #HappyDaysLinky x

  4. Katy (What Katy Said)

    Oh it sounds like a great week! Thanks for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

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