Broken Mum

The Prompt: Broken

I didn’t know whether to blog about the accident, but I laughed when I saw The Prompt for this week; broken. Could it be more apt?

On Monday evening, 5 minutes from our hotel stop in Bordeaux, on the way from our wonderful holiday in Spain to our home in France, we felt & heard a bang. Someone had driven into the back of us as we were preparing the take the ramp off the motorway. Fortunately we were in the near side lane, fortunately no one was seriously hurt, fortunately someone else pulled over to help, fortunately the police came, there are so many fortunatelys I can’t begin to tell you. We were very lucky. Our car, a Volvo estate, boot was packed well, and Volvos are very safe cars, it could have been much worse.

Broken MumLong story short; we spent about an hour at the police station that night, before Mum and Step-Dad went to A&E for Mum’s neck pain to be looked at. She’s now in a neck brace and having another X-Ray in just under 10 days. The following day Mum & Step-Dad returned to the police station to make statements and for her to be seen by a forensic doctor too.

We had to stay an extra night in Bordeaux, our arrival home was delayed by a day, but we got here. We did get home. We are all a little bit broken; emotionally, some of us physically. The car is broken too, it runs but the back is pretty smashed, it goes in to the garage on Tuesday when we will find out its fate.

It has been a very stressful time. We are all tired from the very late night on Monday and the busy days since, but we are trying to get back to normality now we are home.

There is, of course, a lot to be done. More than usual now we also have doctors appointments, garage appointments and insurance meetings alongside all the washing and unpacking and general stuff. It’s throws us, or certainly me, for a loop. But here we are, broken, but lucky.




    I know I already commented about this on FB, but I have to say it again – what an awful way to end such a lovely vacation. I’m so glad you all are relatively ok. Welcome back to reality, right? o.O

  2. Steve

    Whatever happens to the car, at least you are all alive. Hope your mam feels better quickly.

  3. mummy tries

    Sounds like a very lucky escape Livi! Hope you’re on the mend real soon #theprompt

  4. Layla

    There’s nothing more of a shock to the system in any ordinary life than a fender bender! I had one not so long ago and I was very lucky that no physical injury occurred but my car was a write off. I’m like you, I always try to look on the positive side that we are actually lucky in so many ways despite unforeseen breakages 🙂 (Hope your mum is feeling a bit better or does very soon!) #theprompt

  5. Cara

    I’m glad it wasn’t more serious, and hope everyone is right as rain shortly… and the car isn’t too dear.

  6. Sara | mumturnedmom

    Gosh, I’m so glad to hear that you’re all (relatively) okay. What a horrible way to end your holiday though! Hope everything, people and car, are mended soon and I’m sorry that you had such an apt post for The Prompt! Thank you very much for sharing though 🙂

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