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Month in a Minute: March 2016

It’s been a few months since I took part in Month in a Minute, but here is March in just 60 seconds!

March has been a busy & fun month. It was my birthday, and we also visited a few different places over the month. We checked out Marina del Este, a local Buddhist Stupa, and we also had a few meals out including one overlooking the stunningly beautiful Lake Vinuela.

My intention to capture all of 2016 in month in a minute style has already fallen flat after missing January and February, I will try to capture more footage during the rest of the year though as I do love putting together the video and seeing what I got up to over the course of the month.

How was your March?

You're not from round here

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  1. Becky Cowley

    Fab Month in a Minute! Love all the blue skies, it’s been positively grey here!

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