plan with me march 28th 2016

Plan with me: two in one!

At the risk of boring you all, I’m sharing my pages for plan with me again this week and, as I wont be sharing anything next week because we’ll be on the road, I’m sharing two weeks worth of decoration. Please ignore the privacy saving black splodges!

So, this week I went for a blue look to remind to make the most of the sea and our current location, on holiday in Spain. I love the anchor washi I have, and I really need some cute stickers to decorate my pages with more, but they seem to be so very expensive. I don’t really understand why stickers are as expensive as they are, is it because of the sticky paper? Or the way they’re made? I needs me some cheap stickers!

plan with me march 28th 2016

Next week, the week commencing the 4th April, I simply had to use my kitty cat washis because we’ll be picking up Mr Tinks the puss cat that week and he will get lots of love and cuddles and kisses when we see him again! We’ve all missed him terribly, of course, and can’t wait to pick him up, so that week’s spread is dedicated to the pusster!

plan with me 4th April 2016

The next time I take part in Plan with me Mondays will be 11th April and I will, hopefully, have something new to share with you! The Kikki K I ordered last week will hopefully be waiting for me when I return home, I can’t wait to see it in person and move into it! I’m told the box that it’s come in is rather large so it sounds like it’s well packaged!

Have you been planning this week?

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