Plan with me Leonie Dawson planner

Plan with me: 21st March 2016

It’s Monday so it’s plan with me day! First up today I’m sharing my Leonie Dawson planner. It’s where I keep a note of happy things that have happened during the week, as well as how I want to feel that week & what I’m grateful for that week.
Plan with me Leonie Dawson planner

And, once again, I’m sharing my Color Crush pages, this time with an Easter theme. The decorative tape I’ve used was on offer at Lidl a week or so ago so I grabbed a couple of packs. The stickers I bought from a French Supermarket a year or more ago.

I’ve included in the photo my Rapesco punch which is what I use to repunch the holes when I’ve washid over them. I’d definitely recommend it, mine was kindly gifted to me a while ago by a friend and I love it! If you’re a planner fan and enjoy decorating your pages a hole punch is an essential and this one allows me to punch all 6 holes in one go, easy peasy!

In planner news, I got some money for my birthday and have finally ordered the Kikki K planner that I’ve had my eye on for a few weeks! That, of course, means that in a future plan with me Monday I will be sharing my new planner! How exciting!

The reason I’ve been looking at getting a new planner is because, sadly, my Color Crush is looking a bit tatty now; the colour on the corners is coming off and it’s bugging me so much. I’m disappointed as it’s only a year old and was a birthday present. I love the layout of the pockets inside but I don’t think I’d get another one.

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  1. Emma Kershaw

    Love your Easter spread, so cute! Thanks for linking up to Plan With Me Mondays 🙂 xx

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