Plan with me 14th March 2016

Plan with me: 14th March 2016

For this week’s plan with me post I’m sharing the decoration for my birthday week! Hooray for birthdays!

I normally decorate in a specific way; I pick out two washi tapes that I think will go together or represent that week. Then I use one down the middle and then repunch the holes, and then the other tape along the bottom. But, being as it’s a special week, I thought I’d have a play about. So I used four different washi tapes, and some stickers, to brighten up this week’s pages.

It’s not perfect, not by a long way, but I love it! It’s fun, full of my favourite colours, and it’s different to my usual layouts.
Planning 14th March 2016

Here’s a closer look at the pages themselves. I prefer to share at the start of the week, before there’s too much personal information and such in there, the days soon fill up with writing and the “this week” box also quickly gets filled with notes.

So here’s the finished product, again with a view from our terrace, because why not?!

Plan with me 14th March 2016

My inserts by the way are from Philofaxy, they’re the ‘week on two pages’ personal layout for printing on A4 paper, and my Step-Dad very kindly printed them for me after I cocked up and printed them upside down…mad printing skills, me! I did the cutting and punching of the inserts though and, while the paper isn’t as lovely as the Webster’s Pages inserts, I love the layout, it really works for me.

Do you decorate your planners, diaries or inserts?

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  1. Emma Kershaw

    Happy Birthday for Friday! It’s my daughters birthday on Thursday and we’re having a Frozen party next weekend lol Lovely spread and thanks for linking up with Plan With Me Mondays 🙂 xx

  2. Jenny @ Unremarkable Files

    I don’t even have a planner (I guess just a wall calendar and that works for me) but I love how you personalize yours! Makes it much more fun to look at and actually want to use.

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