Sheep Herder Spain

My Sunday Photo: Sheep Herding

On Friday we took the dogs to be bathed and trimmed and generally pampered. While they were being made sparkly white we went and had lunch overlooking Lake Vinuela. It was a stunning view while we ate, and literally huge portions, very enjoyable it was too. But my Sunday photo is taken on our way back to collect the dogs, when we came across this:Sheep Herder Spain

My Mum thinks this has a real Spanish feel to it, especially with the Zafarraya Pass in the background.

We arrived at the dog groomer’s and shortly after the sheep &¬†goats¬†made their way past following the shepherd and rounded up by two dogs. He was very friendly and let my Mum stroke one of the goats and let my Step-Dad take some photos of the flock too.

I do find the Spanish to be very friendly people in general, chatty and cheery. I’m sure there are several exceptions to the rule, but the people we meet here day to day give a great impression of the Spanish in general.

Anyway, the photo may not be technically stunning, but I love it, I love the feel of it and the memory that it will bring back in years to come. That’s the joy of photos really for me, capturing those moments that would otherwise be lost in time, being able to look back and recall the laughs and experiences that you had, including those little moments that so often get overlooked in favour of the big memories.



  1. Photalife

    I like the feel of this photos, it does feel very Spanish to me.

    Thank you for linking up

  2. Tara

    I agree about the feel of the photo. I wonder how long he’s been doing it for (and also how long he will continue). #MySundayPhoto

  3. Kim Carberry

    Fantasic photo! Such an out of the ordinary moment to capture x

  4. Confessions of a New Mummy

    Great capture, something we don’t see very often yet over there people must be used to it. Look at that gorgeous blue sky!

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