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Weight loss: Week 31

This week I have struggled more than ever and my weight loss became a weight gain of +1lb. I have been overeating every day, I am eating chocolate most evenings again even though I still don’t really fancy it, I’m generally not doing great, and I’ve paid for it this week.

In my defense, after a week or so of my eating going totally to pot, my depression has kicked in and I think that that is the cause. I think the overeating has been a symptom of my depression that I hadn’t spotted, but a few days ago other symptoms started and I generally feel low, so I’m going to put my food issues down to that and hope I pick up again soon.

However, I have started listening to my Thinking Slimmer chocoholic pod again in the hopes that it will help stop the chocolate munching in its tracks and get me back on track. The last thing I need is to get back into the habit of eating chocolate every night again.

Exercise wise, my Step-Dad and I went for a walk all along the promenade this week with the dogs, we also had a long walk around Nerja trying to find a piercing studio. I sense that those two walks have prevented what could have been a more painful weight gain this week.

Fingers crossed for a more positive week this coming week.

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  1. Sheri

    I’m sorry your depression has returned. I’m an emotional eater as well, and didn’t realize until I read this post that my past week of increased nibbling was a warning sign for a crash which happened last night. So while you’re weight gain is disheartening for you, the experience was helpful to me (sorry!). I’ve been angry and frustrated wondering how I didn’t see this coming, now thanks to you I have another tool to add to my wellness kit. Your determination to pick yourself up and keep going is an inspiration to me.

  2. Cheryl Pasquier

    It’s only a pound which is a minor blip so don’t beat yourself up over it. Hope you’re feeling better next week and have a fabulous loss to report to get you back on track xx

  3. Beth @

    I am an emotional eater… What I eat depends on my mood. BUT you have only gained 1lb… My post this week has 5 tips to keep one on track! 🙂

    I hope to see you link up at #WeightLossWednesday this week! 😀

  4. Amy Hunt

    A pound could be anything from water weight to added muscle mass, honestly. Don’t get down about it just add it onto your list for the next month.
    I tell my girls never to weigh themselves. Just look in the mirror and assess your body that way. It’s tough but it gives you the motivation to work harder when you can see your body and not measure it.

    I won’t wish you luck, you CAN and WILL do it. (I offer advice if you ever need it @ PurelyAmy)

  5. Mum Reinvented

    With all that walking you might have gained muscle! Did I see you went to El Torcal this week? Shame I’m not still on the costa or I could have come down to see you and you could have dragged me all round Nerja with you as I sure need the exercise!

    You’ll get there. Fingers crossed for a better week weight wise and emotionally next week x

  6. Pempi

    You have already diagnosed the problem so this is a major positive step in the right direction. A useful tip I have found is to have a glass of water (with lemon juice in it if it makes it more palatable) with me when I watch TV so instead of munching in the evening I do sipping instead – it might help you too? Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  7. Sim @

    Oh hun, I am so sorry you are feeling this way at the moment and that you are back on the dreaded chocolate. A 1lb gain can easily be lost – drink plenty of water, you will find this helps fill you up! Hope you can get back on track soon – the long walks will do you the world of good. It’s fab that you have started using ThinkingSlimmer again, it really does help. Oh chick, hope you are having a fab week, keep smiling because you have a beautiful smile! Thank you for joining in with #WeightLossWednesday and hope to see you again next week! Sim xxx

  8. Michelle Twin Mum

    Well done for recognising what the issue is in regards to your eating but so sorry to hear the demon depression is raising its ugly head. Well done for getting out for some walks Livi, wishing you all the best this week. Mich x

  9. Kate Holmes

    I am going to post about depression and weight loss journeys this week I think. It is such an issue for so many of us. Keep post, keep sharing , keep reaching out. You are awesome even if you wobble a bit – I like folks that wobble, it is what makes us human

  10. Rebecca Smith

    So sorry you are feeling this way right now but well done for recognising the issue xx

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