HelixThis morning, after a lot walking last night trying to find somewhere, my Step-Dad and I went to a piercing parlour to get my helix changed as it was not happy, long story, my fault. While I was there I thought I’d find out the price of an Industrial piercing, maybe I could treat myself while I’m on holiday here in Spain?

You could have knocked me down with a feather when I saw the price was HALF what I pay in France for a piercing! Not only that, after she changed my helix earring she mentioned that the barbell that had been used wasn’t actually long enough and it wasn’t good…eep! I had my Daith done in France at the same place and am hoping that that heals properly and doesn’t need extra intervention!

Anyway, so now I’m definitely planning to get a new, holiday, piercing. At least one! I want a few more piercings, so we’ll see how many I can afford!

But, with all this treat talk, I’m also wondering what to ask for for my Birthday (March) and a FitBit keeps popping into my head. I think it will either be that or a Tarot course/book of some description. When it comes to the FitBit, I’m not sure I’d get the use out of it that other people seem to, but a lot of people say it really gives them the motivation to get off the sofa and actually hit those steps targets, so maybe it would be good for me too?

I’ve put the feelers out to find out which type of FitBit would suit me best, whether it would be worthwhile for me and how other people find them. The problem is, as with all things, unless you try it, you’ll never know, but it would be an expensive mistake if I didn’t use it.

Today I set up the LG Fitness tracker on my phone, I thought I’d see if using that helped, but I soon realised that when I walk the dogs I don’t take it with me, and it’s actually kept in my bag so probably not tracking my steps very accurately anyway…Not ideal!

Are you a FitBitter? Or do you have one of the other brands? What do you think? Has it changed your attitude to health & fitness? I’ll be teaming it with my Slimpod and a touch of Yoga if I do get one so I’d love your thoughts on which would suit me best.

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  1. Tinuke

    How crazy is it that the prices vary so much from country to country?! I can’t wait to see what you get done whilst you’re on holiday.
    I used to be a Fitbit user and I found it really made a difference to how active I’d be each day… I’d even go for a few times around the block before bed if I hadn’t quite met me target! : )

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