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Tarot: Seeing the signs

Devil & MagicianI’m not a professional Tarot reader, though I would love to be. I am not totally tuned into my intuition yet, into the Universe, into all the other ‘woo’ stuff that there is. I’m a novice, but even I can tell right now that whatever is out there is telling me that big things are coming.

This week I’ve been pulling some big cards, from a few different decks and, while I’m still not sure what it all means, I know something is coming. Something that will change me, change my life, something big.

Looking back it really started on the 21st. I drew The Moon, I thought nothing of it really, but now I look back on my notes I see that the next two days I pulled Aces (Winter & Autumn respectively).

It was Sunday that I really felt something coming through. Sunday I pulled The Devil & The Magician from my Shadowscapes deck, it felt like an important draw. But then, in an interesting turn of events, I picked up my Morgan-Greer deck, one I love but struggle to read, and out popped The Magician. I was surprised and intrigued and left the Shadowscapes cards out for a day or so to remind me of that pull.

The next day, Monday, I pulled The Fool. Only, when I say pulled, this time I mean it leapt out of the deck at me! It was a jumper! It was that card and it needed to be seen!
The start of something, a new journey, another major arcana card too.

And Tuesday? The Wheel, from my Fairy Tarot deck. Another major arcana card. Forward movement, things speeding up. Tuesday as a day was very much not ‘wheely,’ I spent the whole day on the sofa feeling sorry for myself with a cold. This was another card to slot into the bigger picture.

6&9 wands and ace swordsThat leads us to today when I saw the 9 of Wands and then the 6 of Wands and the Ace of Swords.

The 6 of Wands is often referred to as the Victory card, the 9 implying a battle, a final challenge. And another Ace, another beginning, another seed.

But what to make of it all? I’m not sure yet. I’m not sure I’m supposed to know yet, I’m not sure I have all the pieces. But I’m finding it interesting to see this develop, and exciting awaiting what is to come.

I’m preparing myself, or trying to, for a battle, maybe a war, something that will be hard for me to overcome, something new that I haven’t faced before, maybe even something that I don’t initially realise needs fighting. Something fast moving, difficult to figure out as it unfolds. Maybe something that holds temptation for me, maybe the challenge will be within myself.

As you can see, I’m far from sure what I will be facing, but I’ll be facing something, a demon is in my future, but oddly I feel secure and confident enough in myself to believe that I can overcome it, whatever it may be. That in itself is real progress; I don’t feel fear, I’m not afraid, not sat quaking in my bed-socks, I am sat in my strength, believing in myself and preparing, getting ready for the fight.

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  1. Lisa

    I have always been interested in Tarot Cards. I had some once and tried to use them and never could quite get anything to come out of it. At least nothing that really made sense to me. I am once again intrigued after reading your post. Maybe I will have to buy some more and put a little more study into it this time so I know how to interpret them better.
    Fantastic that you are prepared to handle whatever is coming your way. Wishing you well!

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