Would you paint me a picture of the perfect Father?

Would you paint him as young? Full of vim and vigour?

Would you paint him things that you are not?

Would you tell me he loves arts and crafts?

Would you make a note; he loves to laugh?

If I were to paint the perfect Father,

It would not be a work of art!

But it would be an image of you.

Instead I paint with words, just so,

And hope the world will see

How lucky I am to have a Father like you

To help to paint a loved daughter like me.

Birthday family

The 21st marks my wonderful Step-Dad’s birthday! We went out for a nice meal and a wander along the prom with the dogs. He got some presents too, including new slippers and some sweet treats.

I’d been pondering whether to write anything about it all day, but I wanted to remind him how grateful I am to have him in my life and when I saw the prompt for “The Prompt” this week I felt inspired!

He really is a wonderful man and I am so lucky to have such a patient, kind and generous man in my life. He has supported me and loved me unconditionally ever since we bonded over a book on dinosaurs! He may not be perfect, but he’s perfect for our family, and may there be many more birthdays to celebrate together!

Prose for Thought



  1. Sarah

    Awww, Happy 21st to you and such a great tribute to write to a most important person in your life. A great poem 🙂

  2. Michelle Twin Mum

    Ahh that is beautiful, so glad you have such a great Dad in your life. Mich x

  3. teacuptoria

    What a gorgeous post! A fab poem and a really lovely personal gift for your step dad completely from the heart. x

  4. AmyLovestoSew

    How lovely – this brought a tear to my eye. such a nice way to honour someone so special. Fab poem. And happy birthday to your step dad, he sounds like a wonderful person 🙂

  5. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    What a lovely tribute to your step-dad – sounds like he is a wonderful person to have in your life and I love your comment about how he might not be perfect but he is perfect for you and your family – what a wonderful way of putting it.

  6. Maddy@writingbubble

    What a lovely tribute to your step-dad – you paint a vivid picture of a much loved man. xx #theprompt

  7. Verily Victoria Vocalises

    This is so utterly beautiful Liv. Your Step-dad sounds like a wonderful man and what a great tribute to him for his birthday. I look at your relationship with him and I hope I see this in many years to come with Ross and Grace. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought and commenting from #ThePrompt too xx

  8. Sara | mumturnedmom

    What a wonderful tribute to your step-dad. You are very lucky to have him, and he is lucky to have you. Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

  9. Becky Cowley

    A wonderful poem, I hope you showed it to him. Such a wonderful gift for him x

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