Sunrise Torrox

My Sunday Photo: Sunrise

One of the things on my list of 100 things to do in 2016 (which currently only has 52 things on it…) was watch a sunrise, and so, a few days ago, that’s exactly what I did! More specifically, a sunrise over the Mediterranean sea, I am so lucky.

I also videoed and photographed it because, y’know, blogger…!
Sunrise Torrox

It was a truly wonderful experience and I’m really glad I did it, and also pleased I can tick off one of my 100 things too! Even though I knew the sun would appear, watching it slowly change the sky and then finally appear was so magical.

Have you ever watched a sunrise? And do you have any suggestions of things to add to my 100 things to do in 2016 list? I’m all ears!



  1. Photalife

    That is really stunning, wow. It really takes your breath away

    Thank you for linking up

  2. Michelle Haslett

    It’s a gorgeous shot. I’ve watched a sunrise up a mountain in Maui before and it was beyond amazing. Your photo has made me want to do it again!

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