Hanged Man 2016 year card

My 2016 Tarot Year Card

Hanged Man 2016 year cardToday I watched Kelly-Ann Maddox’s video, “Discover your year card for 2016” and, naturally, did the sums to find my own. I discovered that my Tarot year card for 2016 is The Hanged Man…to say I was disappointed would be putting it mildly.

I have been planning to make 2016 amazing, to make it a year of change, of coming into my power, of making life happen as I want it to. I know that this card doesn’t change that, but it does.

I know there’s no such thing as a negative card really, I know that my future is still very much in my hands, and I know that the Hanged Man means other things besides being stuck in a rut. But in my head, right now, that’s all I can see. I have been stuck in a rut for years now, I am so ready to get out of my rut!

So I feel a bit meh now. Almost let down by the Tarot system, the Universe, myself. I know it’s mostly because I had a bit of a high on Tuesday and this is the bummed out phase that comes after it, but I can’t help but think that this is a note from the Universe to not get too psyched for amazing changes in the coming year, a little reminder that, ultimately, I’m still stuck.

I hope that, in a few hours or so, I’ll be able to see past that and look deeper into the other meanings of the card; the need to let go, to surrender, to find emotional release. The need to look at things from a new angle, to change my perception of things (ironic given this post!). The need to realise that to change your world, you only need change your state of mind.

Let’s hope this card is just a message that changing my view of the world will change my world, that I have the power for change in my hands and, when the time is right and I am truly ready, I will manifest that change in amazing ways.

What’s your year card for 2016? Are you thrilled or has it bummed you out too?

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  1. Sheri

    I enjoy reading about your Tarot and Shadow Card experiences. I’ve always wanted to explore Tarot, and now Shadow, but I’m such a damn skeptic I don’t know if I’d be able to open my mind up enough.

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