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Dear So and So: 2015

Dear 2015,

You’ve been a fairly emotionally neutral year really. I don’t have any strong feelings about you either way.

shadowscapes tarotYou’ve been a year of self-discovery. A year devoted to leaning Tarot and learning about myself. I have pulled at least 1 Tarot card for myself every day this year, plus done several spreads for myself, and even branched out into reading for friends occasionally. One of my goals for this year was to draw a Tarot card every day and become more confident at reading and understanding them. I feel I have achieved this goal, and that’s great!

Speaking of goals, another of mine this year was to get healthy and I’m definitely on the right track with this. I’ve managed to kick start my weight loss journey and drop nearly 2 stone in 26 weeks. That might seem like slow going to some, but I’m purposely staying away from diets and focusing on making healthier choices. Slow and steady wins the race and this is a lifestyle change for me.

Another goal was to be mindful this year, and that hasn’t gone quite to plan. I have tried meditation again a few times but I really struggle with it still. So on to another successful goal which was to embrace creativity. I have not become an artist this year, but I have begun taking real pleasure in decorating my planner pages with washi tape and stickers. That might not seem like much, but before this year I was so terrified I would get it ‘wrong’ or make a mess that I didn’t do that, I didn’t want to ruin my pages. This year I took a risk and went for it and now, every Sunday night, I dig out my decorations and prepare my spread for the next week.

daith barbellOf course, 2015 has also seen me begin creating myself, changing my outside appearance with the addition of several ear piercings and a new hair colour and style. I am still thrilled with my look and still feel that it represents who I am on the inside. I do intend to add to my piercings in 2016; I want an industrial piercing on my right ear, along with my rook and maybe my tragus on my right ear pierced too. I think I’m done with left ear piercings, but we’ll see! Never say never!

2015 also saw an addition to our family; Mr Tinks, previously known as Amelia Jane and Tinkerbell, until we discovered she was a he!
After some initial issues bonding with him, I now love him to pieces and he has settled in a treat.

This year has also seen TiLi and I make great progress at dog agility training. We were promoted from the beginners class this year and began going twice a week instead of once. TiLi still loves it and I enjoy seeing her so happy. She knows the names of the equipment now and, most of the time, will wait for me to tell her what we’re doing next. She also waits her turn patiently now, watching the other dogs and very rarely getting annoyed that it’s not her turn!TiLi jump¬†It’s been a quiet year mostly. I’ve been on a few dates, none successful. It turns out that dating is hard, online dating is equally hard, and dating as an expat is even harder. Fingers crossed that this coming year sees some successful dates that maybe develop into something more.

This coming year I’m working with the Leonie Dawson workbook and planner to create my shining year. I’m hoping it will give me focus and drive to make my dreams come true.

So 2015, it’s nearly over between us, and I want to thank you for providing me with a year of what I suppose was stability. There have been ups and downs of course, but overall you’ve given me a year to work on myself, improve myself and figure out who I am and what I want. So thanks a bunch,¬†because of you I’ve figured a lot of stuff out, and now I’m ready to ring the new year in and take it by the balls!

Thanks again and much love,

Mrs TeePot

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  1. Sheri

    I love this post, and I’ve enjoyed following your journey. In next year’s recap, please don’t minimize your accomplishments with “It may not seem like much…” comments. Doesn’t matter what others think, you are amazing!

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