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Festive Fail!

So far this year, I’m feeling a bit of a festive failure. I’ve watched some Christmas films, put on the classic tunes and drunk the Bailey’s and yet still I’m not finding that festive spirit.

Now I know that the big day isn’t here¬†quite yet, but I feel like I should be rolling in Christmas spirit by now! Solstice has been and gone and I mostly did nothing for it. I’ve been to a few Christmas dos; at bowling, the expat meal and at dog agility training, none of them really got me in the mood. I enjoyed them, but they didn’t feel like Christmas events.

As is the norm for me now, the day itself will be spent with my parents, quietly, opening presents, eating and drinking and then chilling in front of the TV. It’s fine, but there will be no Christmas eve night out with friends, and no family get together, no friends coming round, just us.

I miss it, the social side of Christmas. How well I’d deal with it nowadays is anybody’s guess. I guess those family filled, childhood Christmas memories are all through rose coloured spectacles, but they seemed magical.

I guess that’s what the day, the season, is missing for me now; the magic. No small children in the family, no longer a young child myself, away from friends, it makes it hard to find the magic.

I still feel remarkably cheery, I’m not depressed about the situation, I just wanted to moan a bit and explain why I keep complaining that I’m not feeling the festive cheer.

So, after that moany post, I’ll wish you all a Merry Christmas and see you on the flip side!

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  1. Em @ snowingindoors

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve not found the festive spirit yet, I hope you wake up tomorrow feeling all Christmassy, or at least happy and surrounded by awesome gifts

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