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Oh yes, the TeePot has been dating again! I kept it on the down-low a bit because, with my anxiety being the way it has been for the past month or more, I honestly didn’t know whether I’d make it to the date or not. I did pre-warn him that I was super nervous, that I struggle with anxiety, but he was really keen to meet, and he’d asked me out before, and we’ve been chatting for a while (read: maybe 3 months now), so I took the risk, and it was worth it!

So we met at the bowling alley that I go to each Tuesday evening with friends. Although I haven’t been for about a month, it was a familiar setting and I went with my Step-Dad on Friday for a couple of games as a trial run for going back on Tuesday nights. Anyway, I digress. Familiar surroundings for me, a place I knew, people I knew on the bar, and so I waited.

I convinced myself, after about 3 minutes of waiting, that he wasn’t coming. But come he did. We chatted, we drank coffee, which he kindly paid for, and we chatted some more.

There were many silences, we’re both shy, but they weren’t awkward silences. Well, I didn’t feel they were anyway. We struggled to think of questions to ask, I think we were both feeling the pressure of it being a ‘first date’ and whatever, but I really liked him, he gave off good vibes, and I like that. I like that a lot.

He didn’t make me feel under pressure or stressed or anxious, he didn’t ask me why I had been single for so long, and he didn’t ask about sex! Basically, he was a shy gentleman. Endearing. Kind. A little unsure of himself, lacking in self-confidence maybe, but I can relate!

He’s not really interested in technology, he doesn’t even have the internet on his phone, but I like that too. It’s cute. It’s different to me. Opposites attract maybe?

When I got home I texted, just to say I was home, it was nice to meet him and I hoped we could meet again. He text back, with kisses!

So here I am, sharing the joy and crossing my fingers for a second date!

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  1. A Polyglot Mum

    What a very cute and endearing blog to read. Hope you get that second date very soon 🙂 #Sharethejoylinky

  2. Sheri

    Yay! Cautiously crossing my fingers as well.

  3. Michelle Reeves (The Joy Chaser)

    Woo hoo!! *dances* I’m so pleased it went well honey and like Sheri I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. Thank you for linking up at #sharethejoy and a very Happy Christmas to you my dear! xx

  4. Mrs Tubbs

    Crossing my fingers for you! Hope you get that second date

  5. Morgan Prince

    It sounds like you had a lovely time, keeping my fingers crossed for you. I remember the silences with the Hubby back when he was to be the Boyfriend. They were never awkward silences either, and here we are 13 years later with 2 kids and happily married. It’s all in the small things. xx Good luck with it hun. I wish you all the best. x

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