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Eiffel TowerI’m late writing this post, I haven’t taken part in Word of the Week for a few weeks now either, but this week a word has been handing over me. That word was just brought to the fore even more after the horrific events in Paris tonight. That word is ‘fear.’

Earlier this week I shared my anxiety issues which were rising, hey subsided after a few days and all was well again. But tonight, as the news came in about deaths in Paris, I felt fear again. Numerous people dead, others being held hostage, it is yet another reminder that the world is a scary, dangerous and evil place.

I want to change it, I want to help, I want for it all to stop. I don’t understand, I can’t get my head around that kind of hate, that desire to destroy lives, to strike absolute terror into anyone. I don’t understand it.

In reality though, I can’t change it. I can pray, I can send good vibes out into the world, but that is all. I am not, and never will be, anyone in a position to change things, and, if I’m honest, I’m not sure even the people with power in the world can change the views of those with blood lust, but what I can do is love. And I was reminded of that as I pulled a card from my new Oracle card deck tonight. I prayed it would calm me, soothe me, and it did; choose love, that’s what it advised, so here I am, choosing love. I choose to believe that it will be OK. That those who lost their lives will find a better place, that their loved ones left behind will find support and that the world is, in general, a good place.

So yes, I am afraid, I am scared for the world, for me, for my friends and family, for everyone, but I choose to believe that love will conquer the evil. Do you?

The Reading Residence


  1. The Reading Residence

    Oh, I hope so, I fervently hope so. I’ve just woken up to this devastating news. I don’t see that it can be changed either, to be honest, but probably naively, I still choose love and the belief that there is still more good than evil in this world. I do hope so #WotW

  2. Stephanie

    I think we have to hope so – and I definitely do – otherwise I fear all hope would be lost. I haven’t checked the news this morning for updates but like you I fear it won’t be good news. Stay safe and stay positive #wotw

  3. Tracey @ mummyshire

    What happened in Paris was absolutely shocking and as it was unfolding we were watching with fear, horror and fees sadness. For the first time I really thought about the world my children will inhabit, and how much more complex and dangerous it is.
    You have to believe in Love and I hope if enough people do change can happen. I have to believe this for the sake of the future
    I hope you manage to find the inner calm you need xx

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