Autumn tree

Dear So & So: Autumn

Autumn treeDear Autumn,

You are beautiful. Every year you take my breath away. Somehow I forget during the rest of the year how stunning you are, so every year I am surprised by you.

Thank you for being so lovely weather-wise this year too! Mostly you’ve been warm and sunny, maybe that’s why you’ve looked so much more glorious this year.

Yours appreciatively,
An Autumn-lover

backgroundDear Samhain,

You were a funny one this year, earlier in October I was feeling the veil thinning, it felt magical. Then, when Samhain actually arrived I felt a bit flat, I didn’t feel as connected to my spirituality as I have in previous years, but as the night got darker I did pick up a little. Overall you were good, just odd!

You did provide an interesting Tarot & Oracle reading though, it gave me some positive feelings for my future and reminded me that I have to keep the belief.

A bit confused!

backgroundBonding Tinks and TiLiDear Mr Tinks,

You gave me the fright of my life this morning when I looked out across the lawn to see you trying to escape from a big, black and white cat! I’m glad you made it home safely, and that you thought to come home instead of trying to fight. Please don’t start picking fights, I can’t handle the stress!

I’m also glad that you’ve bonded with the dogs now and can play happily with TiLi. Rupert will come round in time, as long as you don’t pester him!

Please be a little more gentle with my baby girl though, I know she plays rough and gives as good as she gets, but I do worry that you’ll damage her.


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