How does your garden grow?

I went for a wander in the garden with my camera the other day, not a long wander, just a pop out while my parents were mowing the lawn. Anyway, autumn has well and truly arrived. It’s chilly, I even wore a scarf and hat for agility training yesterday!

But on to the garden goodies, first up I spotted these berries. To me they feel more *ahem* Christmassy *ahem* than autumnal but there you go!

Next up the tree which stands at the bottom of next door’s lawn, its flowers really irritate my mum’s nose in the spring and summer but it looks stunning in autumn. When I took the photo the leaves hadn’t all turned so it’s not as impressive as usual, but still pretty.

autumn tree

Then there’s this faded hydrangea which I think looks nicer than when it’s in full bloom!

autumn flowers

I failed to capture this wonderful rose (at least I think it’s a rose) in all its glory; it looked much better in real life but I had to include it because it’s still pretty.


And finally a dying plant, I have no idea what it is, but I think there’s something about it.

autumn garden

That’s our garden this October, now excuse me while I go pop some gloves, a scarf and a hat on!Mammsaurus HDYGG


  1. Claudia

    stunning autumn shots

  2. happyhomebird

    Gorgeous time of year, so much to enjoy. I need to go and find my scarves as this week has become a little chilly.

  3. 76sunflowers

    I love hydrangeas at this time of year as their colours start to fade – beautiful!

  4. Annie

    I am with you on the hydrangea – I love them just as much, if not more, dying a little. They really are a bloom with character! I wore my gloves on the school run this week so as far as I’m concerned it’s almost wintertime. Lovely shots m’lady – thank you for joining in xx

  5. Amanda

    Those berries are definitely more Christmas than autumn! I love the hydrangea, they look much better with a bit of age on them

  6. Stephanie Robinson

    Hydrangeas just give so much don’t they – and that pyracantha is just full of berries. Some say that means a cold winter – I hope not! 🙂 #hdygg

  7. chickenruby

    that tree is fairly spectacular

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