dear so and so

Dear So and So: Blogging

Dear readers,

You can now find me on Snapchat as mrs_teepot please feel free to add me on there and I will attempt to use it once I figure it out…!

Trying to be Snap-happy


Dear readers (again),

I am starting a monthly, I think, newsletter for the blog, if you would like updates that way please feel free to sign up over on the sidebar. I have no idea what will be in it yet, so if you have any ideas or requests do let me know!

Hopping on the newsletter bandwagon


Dear Blog,

I love you!

You have seen me through good times and bad, always been there for me, a place to vent, a place to break-down, a place to share my feelings. You have given friends a way to see my true self, provided a place for me to get support and advice, allowed me to figure out who I am. You are the best friend, the soulmate, the ‘one.’

I’m sure to none bloggers, maybe even to some bloggers, this sounds a bit OTT, a bit much, but I value my blog so highly, it is a part of me and it has helped to shape me.

When I first started writing my blog, in a different guise, I knew nothing but thought I knew everything. I wrote posts I now completely disagree with, I wont take them down because they are part of my history, but I can look back on them and see how far I have come, how I have built a better person.

So thank you, to my little space on the interwebs, to my readers, to the friends I have made. You are all awesome. This isn’t a “now I’m going to pack it all in” speech by the way, I just wanted to say thanks.

Very thankfully.

dear so and so

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